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About Gyanendra Bastola

About Gyanendra Bastola
I graduated in Diploma in Culinary Arts from GATE College in 2008. I was one of the
members of GATE’s initial graduates. . GATE’s qualification helped me get the first job
and also to acquire additional Australian qualification which led me to the sponsorship
from one of the best bakeries from Australia which is something like a dream come
true for me. I am currently settled with my wife in Melbourne, Australia.


  • Graduate in Culinary Arts from GATE College
  • Currently working in Melbourne Australia, in “Baker’s Delight” one of Australia’s leading
  • Bakery chain.

Secret of Gyanendra’s success
“Do not lose your hope until and unless you achieve what you intend to achieve”

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About Mahesh Raj Dhakal

About Mahesh Raj Dhakal
I graduated in Diploma in Culinary Arts from GATE College in 2008. I was one of
the members of GATE’s initial graduates. GATE - Because I Care! Is a real slogan
indeed. I learned my basic cooking skills at GATE, which was taught in a real industrial
environment. The sound knowledge of HACCP along with the use of utensils was
important in my growth. I am really thankful to all my teachers and especially to Mr.
Khem Lakai and Mr. Sandeep Shiva Khatri and I am proud to say that I know I would
not be who I am today without GATE. I am proud to say that I look forward to share
my knowledge & experience to GATE students one day.


• In Nepal I worked at Organic Bistro and Babarmahal Revisited.
• Moved to Yas Hotel Dubai and was introduced to Michelin Star Chefs Atul Kochhar
and Vineet Bhatia.
• Demi Chef De Partie at JW Marriott Hotel Dubai. It was the best experience in my
career path.
• Currently Chef De Partie Hilton Labriz Resort & Spa, Seychelles

Secret of Mahesh’s success career:

“I am a hardworking, pro-active chef with an upbeat and positive attitude, who is
passionate about food and quality. Possessing excellent organizational skills, smart,
highly efficient and methodical with a good eye for detail. Having a good team spirit,
deadline orientated and able to efficiently manage kitchen operations and also
supervise staffs”.


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