Certificate in Food & Beverage Service

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The Certificate in Food & Beverage Service program provides a holistic
approach to the food service business covering the key aspects of
marketing, operations, planning and cost analysis.
It proves why standard operating procedures are important in providing
an enjoyable experience for guests.
Career Opportunities

• Food & Beverage Manager
• Restaurant Manager
• Restaurant Entrepreneur
• Banquet Manager
• Training Manager
• Restaurant Supervisor
• Restaurant Captain
• Waiter
• Bartender
• Sommelier
and many more

Course Outlines

• Importance of Hygiene and Sanitation
• Basic Food & Beverage Management
• Menu Planning and Cost Control
• Different Style of Cuisine and Service
• To Maximize the Optimum Level of F&B
• The Craftsmanship with Finest Skills of Swiss
• Types of Service
• Providing an Enjoyable Experience for Guests
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Guest Service Training & Teamwork
• A Service Sequence
• Special Situations
• Handling Guest Complaints
• Food & Beverage Revenue Control Procedures
• Enhancing Food & Beverage Sales


• Students should have completed the
School Leaving Certificate (SLC) or
• Students should have basic knowledge
of English Language, both oral and written
• Students should have good health and
mentally motivated to the industry
• Applicants who possess other
qualifications will be considered on
case-by-case basis


• 6 months (1018 hours)
(3 months Internship in Nepal
or 6 months Internship Abroad)


• November, February, May and August

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