Diploma in Culinary Arts

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The Diploma in Culinary Arts is designed for those who have chosen
to pursue an exciting career in culinary arts. This unique skills-driven
program takes you through key stages of classical and international
cuisine, grade manager, meat preparation, patisserie and bakery and
at the same time, develop your professionalism and proficiency in
producing food of world-class standards.
In addition to developing a passion for craftsmanship, this program will
enhance your supervisory, technical and personal skills, the mindset of
how to ‘think out of the box’, communication and problem solving skills
which are essential in the evolving field of the culinary arts industry.

Career Opportunities

  •  Food Technician
  •  Dietary Assistant
  •  Chef
  •  Food Service Director
  •  Hospitality Manager
  •  Hospitality Director
  •  Convention Coordinator
  •  Caterer
  •  Dietician
  •  Nutritionist
  •  Food Production Chemist
  •  Quality Control Technician
  •  Food Inspector
  •  Cruise Ship Dietary Specialist
  •  Food Product Tester
  •  Restaurant Manager and many more

Course Outlines

  • Importance of Hygiene and Nutrition
  • Menu Planning and Cost Control
  • Knowledge in Kitchen Commodities
  • Basic Kitchen Management
  • Different Style of Cuisine
  •  Sound Practical Knowledge in Cookery
  •  Be able to implement their knowledge in
    established organization
  •  Identification of Kitchen Utensils and Equipment
  • Causes of Food Poisoning and Cross
  •  Proper Use of Kitchen Utensils/ Equipment
  •  Awareness of Kitchen Safety/ Kitchen Safety Rules
  •  Elementary Nutrition
  •  Production Commodities
  •  Kitchen Supervisory
  •  Kitchen Store, Distribution & Inventory


  •  Students should have completed the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) or equivalent
  •  Students should have basic knowledge of English Language, both oral and written
  •  Students should have good health and mentally motivated to the industry
  •  Applicants who possess other qualifications will be considered on case-by-case basis


  •  9 months (1030 hours)

         (3 months Internship in Nepal
        or 6 months Internship Abroad)

  • February and August



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